Aqualife at the Colony

Rivers, Oceans, & Bays, Oh My!!


So many travelers and residents in Nosara are drawn to the water. It’s your zen place- where peace descends over your soul as soon as the waves lap your toes. Or maybe you just have to see the water and that ahhhhh feeling pulses through your veins.


Living at The Colony At Nosara serves up plenty of bonus water experiences for all you water babies. First the Rio Montana borders the entire north side of the community and the Colony’s planned walking trails give you a peaceful stroll along the river under the jungle trees.


Then there are the amazing beaches of Nosara! You have your choice of Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and Playa Ostional. Super surfing, boogie boarding, stand-up paddelboarding, body surfing, wave diving and plain old swimming can keep you amped up in the warm Pacific waters. Or the lazy bobbing around in the shallow waves can give you peace and tranquility. You choose your energy levels you want or need.


Would you rather put on your snorkel, mask and fins for an exploration of the vibrant underwater life near the reefs? You can take a boat tour with any of the local companies out to the sunken ship, to San Juanillo or other fascinating underwater spots.


Speaking of boats- are you into fishing? Head out beyond the shoreline to catch and release a sailfish beauty or a rooster fish.  Are you hungry for the freshest, most delicious seafood ever? Catch and take home snapper, dorado or a bonanza of other fish right off the hook from the end of your fishing pole.


From the Nosara beaches or from your ocean view Colony home, the breathtaking nightly sunsets over the ocean finish off your water day the best way possible.


From sunrise to sundown, your Nosara life can be a magical water experience each and every day.

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