Life in Costa Rica is driven by the mantra “Pura Vida” (Poo-rah VEE-dah). It can mean pure life, all is good, hello, good-bye, and enjoy!  It is a point of view, a greeting, and wish for you to have a great day. Pura vida is a way of life.

Once you’ve spent time here in Nosara, you will “get” it.  The love of life, Costa Rican style, grows on you as you spend more and more time here, letting go of your everyday stresses and immersing yourself in “Life is short. Enjoy it. Live it to the fullest and never take the gift of life here for granted.”

Please take the time to enjoy our media videos below. These are only a few of the highlights of the Costa Rican pura vida life here in Nosara.

Surfing in Nosara

Fishing in Nosara

Zip Lining in Nosara, Costa Rica

Largest Turtle Arribada in the world – Ostional, Costa Rica