The Colony At Nosara: Design Your Life!


Define, refine, confine, or outshine?

You are given so many choices to make your life what it is. You decided to invest in your life’s happiness. You’re in Nosara, at The Colony and ready to take steps to living a lifestyle of your choosing.

Are you a part-timer? A “snowbird”? Are you here in Nosara for the sun and heat in the ‘dry season’ in January, February and March or does the lush, green ‘wet season’ call to you from June, July and August? What atmosphere and weather will you wrap your life around?

Is your home in The Colony your escape from your other life? Solitude instead of a noisy city or a crowded apartment building? Are you the ‘do everything’ person in your other life and your Nosara time is for being a happy hermit, secluded away from everyone and everything familiar? Or is there a lack of excitement or passion away from Nosara and now you’re here to rev that up a few notches? How will you write the script for your days here?

Are you done with corporate life and overstressed job demands and now will make The Colony a more relaxed and undemanding haven? Will you create a new business from your passion and fit it into your Nosara daily living?

Do you want to be healthier? Is it time to do more yoga, take long beach walks, get out surfing again or choose a new challenge of paddleboarding?

Are you moving here lock, stock and flip-flops, to turn your life one hundred eighty degrees in a direction that you have never before imagined yourself doing? Are you following your heart?

Ahhhh, what amazing, wondrous choices and decisions you have right now this moment to be who you want, to live how you want and to create exactly the life you want to live. The Colony At Nosara is your home base to do just that.

But wait! It won’t all happen at once. You will evolve here. You might have thought you wanted to be a part-timer but now that retirement looms, fulltime makes more sense. Maybe you were only going to take a few yoga courses but you signed up for the yoga training course and now you’ll teach yoga fulltime or open your own yoga studio. New stages of your life will unfold.

For now, just savor the possibilities, the potential, the promise of a self-designed life created by you, the architect of everything!

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